Thank you for job interview

When an interviewer takes the time to go out of their way and offer you an interview, you should always thank them. Potential employers get a lot of letters and applications every single day when they have an open position that they advertise so consider that lucky to get an interview at all. A thank you for job interview letter leaves you a professional contact and doesn’t mean you didn’t get the job, it’s just an interview.


Starting to Write


Thank the interviewer for their time and clarify which position is being applied to in case the employer has several positions open.


Remind the employer of the skillset you possess and how you would make a great asset to the company.

Sample Letters

Thank you for job interview - Sample

Dear Mr. Wells,

I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to interview me a couple of days ago and allowing me the opportunity to see what it’s like inside the offices of Wells Accounting. I’m applying for the position of Accountant and am very anxious to hear if I’ve been considered for the position or not.

I can assure you that I would be a highly valuable asset to your company and that I possess the necessary skills to work for your company as well. I’ve held numerous accounting related positions and have won awards in almost every establishment I’ve ever worked in.


Allen Ralston