Thank you for extra effort

Writing a thank you for extra effort letter should always be mandatory when someone participates in an event of yours and puts in extra effort. It not only ensures they are thanked for their time and effort but that they will help again in future projects.

Whether it’s a volunteer for a benefit being hosted or whether it’s a vendor that’s selling a product or service to you, anyone who puts in any kind of extra effort to help you out should be properly rewarded or at least thanked. Getting top notch customer service whether it’s volunteer or paid is what the ideal goal of being any customer is, so when you receive that kind of top notch service, you want to write a thank you for extra effort letter.


Starting to Write


Write out a very strong, simple and clear thank you. Thank the recipient individually and don’t thank an entire group of people. Write multiple letters to multiple recipients if you have a lot of people to thank.


Make sure the recipient understands that this was very personal and you are very grateful for the help.


If it was a company or service provider, promise them that they’ll have your future business should the need for it arise again.

Sample Letters

Thank you for extra effort - Sample

Dear Event Planner,

When we were hosting an event in Denver, we knew what we were in for because it was a shortly timed event and it wasn’t coordinated all that well. When we met you, we began to have hope because you sprang into action and showed us that it’s not particularly hard to host an event like this and went above and beyond what a volunteer event planner usually does.

Everything from planning the seating, to figuring out how much of what supplied we’d need to even helping us set up the event, you were the best volunteer we ever had. Thank you and the group will support your effort so much for the effort you put forth. I have recommended your services to all my friends and this event is very special to us.



Dear Michael,

When I was looking for a web hosting company, it seemed hopeless to me because I’m new to the internet and I was trying to get a company website set up. Then I saw your ad in the paper as a professional web designer who also did hosting services so I had to give you a call.

The fact you have put up with me asking so many questions and being a pain for so long is outstanding to me. As a matter of fact, because of this extra effort you’ve been putting forth to help me get my website setup, I have enclosed a bonus $500 payment in addition to the $3,000 payment I’m paying you for the website + 1 year of hosting. I hope this brightens your day and keep doing what you do!