Thank you letter for gift

Receiving a gift can either be infuriating or incredibly happy. It’s nice to receive a gift but receiving a gift can also show just how little someone knows about you if you receive a gift you would never buy yourself. Regardless, when you do receive a gift, you always want to send out a thank you letter for gift to the sender of the gift. Whether or not there’s a favorable view of the sender is irrelevant, it’s still the nice thing to do.


Starting to Write


Acknowledge that you received the gift and what the gift is.


Thank them for the gift and tell them how you plan on using the gift. If you have to lie here, do it, a lot of people lie about their use for useless gifts.


Thank them again and wish them well. You may opt to send a return gift as well but this is completely optional.

Sample Letters

Thank you letter for gift - Sample

Dear Martha,

I would like to thank you for your generous $200 gift in the mail I received. As times are tough this holiday season, I was more than happy to receive a $200 gift from you in the mail as it will go towards eating and keeping warm.

You definitely don’t have to send me any money, I would have been more than happy with a holiday card to know that you care but your gift truly means a lot to me. With this money, I have decided to buy a space heater to help keep my apartment warm during this winter season and buy food, so you have no idea how much it means to me. I hope everything is going well over there in Idaho and I hope to see you guys soon!