Thank you for your time letter

Sometimes all people really want for their effort and their time spent on an issue is a thank you for the time spent. Some people don’t want a lot of recognition; they just want a thank you. If you recently hosted an event or you plan on hosting an event, it would be wise to learn how to write a thank you for your time letter so that you can thank each participant and get them to come back for next time.


Starting to Write


Use the name of the person to address them and thank them for the time they spent on your cause right away, no matter how much time spent.


Ask them if they would be willing to participate again or at the very least let them know they are more than welcome to help participate the next time you host another event like the event they helped with.


Let the participant know just how much their contribution means and how it will help the cause.


Thank them again and wish the participant well.

Sample Letters

Thank you for your time letter - Sample

Dear Allen Graves,

You didn’t have to help us out but you were there rain or shine to help. When we announced we were going to be helping the Eriks family build a new house for their family, you were one of the first volunteers out on the scene. You stayed until the very end and put in more time than most of the volunteers combined and we thank each and every one of the volunteers for their service, especially you.

If you would like, we will definitely be hosting an event like this in the future and would love if it you would come if you want to of course. Your contribution meant so much to us because we never find people so dedicated to helping people in need around this community. Whether you give a little or a lot of your time to our cause, it still means the world to us.