Thanking for a letter of reference

When someone agrees to write a letter of reference for you, the sensible thing to do is to write a letter thanking for a letter of reference. With the right words from the right professor or reference, you could land a high profile job. It’s amazing how much influence one person’s words can have. You want to make sure you thank anyone who agrees to help you out as they could just land you that opportunity that’s being sought.


Starting to Write


Address the person formally.


If you landed the position, thank the person for their help and even if the position is still up for grabs and the application is still being considered, thank them anyways.


Show your gratitude towards the person who wrote the letter of reference again.

Sample Letters

Thanking for a letter of reference - Sample

Lively, Oklahome, 49591

Dear Mr. Moore,

Thanks to your kind contribution and your letter of reference, I have scored an interview with the top leading ITT industry in the state. When the interviewer saw a letter written in your name, he said you were one of the top Computer Science professors that he knew of and he had no doubt I had to have a high skill level.

You’ve helped me a tremendous amount and I am forever grateful for your help. Had it not been for your letter of reference, I probably would’ve just been another resume and application in his trash can, but I can’t thank you enough for writing that letter.

Forever Grateful,

Adam Lyndon