Thank You Letter After Interview

While many people never think to send out a letter after being interviewed thanking the interviewer, this is exactly why all applicants should. Sending out a thank you letter will make the application stand out and show the employer that you really want that job. It’s best to send out a letter to every individual who conducted the interview.

This simple trick is one of the few tricks that will help put your application on top of the pile with the hundreds of others that have applied. No applicant wants to be seen as rude, and sending out a thank you letter just for an interview assists with keeping a professional image.

The format for a thank you letter for any purpose should be typed out on a personal letter head.


Starting to Write


First and foremost, take the time to thank the person who conducted the interview.


Being sincere will go a long way so make sure you express gratitude towards the interviewers.


Talk about your future plans and immediate plans for your career path.

Sample Letters

Thank You Letter After Interview Sample

Dear Mrs. Fryer,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the interview and the chance to apply to your company. If possible, I would love to sit down with you and speak about the experiences I have which I feel would make me a perfect fit to the company.


Dear Allen,

I’d like to personally thank you for taking the time out of your day to conduct an interview with me for the Assistant Manager position at JKR Jewelry.

I thoroughly enjoyed how you explained each and every job description and responsibility in detail. Also, the benefits were laid out amazingly clear and I have no further questions regarding the job.

I ask for your time for a sit down meeting to further discuss my skills in regards to what would make me a perfect fit for this company if possible.



Dear Sarah,

I’ve recently applied to the position of Fashion Administrative Designer for your company Heels Ltd. I’d like to thank you for the thorough interview and all of the detail that went into determining if I was the most suitable employee or not to hire.

The job requirements were laid our clear as day and I have a full understanding of what will be required of me should I be hired on this project. I also enjoy the high stress and fast paced work environment because that’s what I personally thrive in, which is why I feel this company is such a great fit for me.

I’ve been in Fashion since 2002 and I look forward to hearing from you regarding the position.


Ashley Marshall

Express sincere gratitude and make sure that the reader has been thanked for their time.
Be affirmative and state why you are the right person for the job above all other applications (without putting any of the other applicants down or bad mouthing).
Express your feelings towards the opportunity and how you would like the opportunity to work for the company.
Be clear that you know it was an interview process and under no circumstances does it mean that you got the job.
Don’t try to play down or under hype your experience relating to the job; give as much detail as possible about related experience to the job.