Termination notification

When a termination is taking place in an office, it will usually be done via face to face and not over the phone. It’s not uncommon to hear about people being fired over the phone or through a letter, but usually this is done face to face in a professional setting. A termination notification letter is simply sent out to inform the individual that a termination is taking place and just confirming that someone indeed has been terminated.


Starting to Write


Address the employee by name and regret that they’re being terminated.


Mention the reason as to why they’re being terminated and if it’s their fault or the company’s.


If there are any benefits or terms to the termination, then state them such as the separation package or other benefits.


If the company vows to help the terminated individual find employment, mention that last and wish the person well.

Sample Letters

Termination notification Sample

Dear Allen,

I don’t like writing these types of letters but I’m afraid it’s something I have to do. On Thursday, we discussed that our company would be doing some downsizing and while looking through the records, we had to make the difficult decision of whom to fire and who to keep.

As per our conversation, it was discussed that your employment will be ending on the date of August 1. However, you will receive a severance package for six months’ salary worth for being such a great employee to this company. Not only that, but anytime you need a letter of recommendation, you only have to call me or send me a letter and I will be more than happy to send an employer a letter of recommendation.

I hope you understand and this is out of my control. If it were up to me, I would keep every individual here in the office but unfortunately, corporate is telling me that I have to look through the books and fire 5 people.


Mr. Marsh

Dear Richard,

As you’re aware by now, your contract with the company has been terminated due to poor work performance. When you first began working for us, your work ethic was great and the quality of the work was simply amazing but I’m afraid that the quality of work has gone downhill.

That’s why your work contract with us has been effectively terminated on April 5. You have agreed to take a severance package of $7,500 as a one-time fee and that will be the end of it.

I am truly sorry about this but we feel that we’ve given you more than enough chances to improve the performance and it only kept going downhill.


Robert Likels