Store closing announcement

losing a store is hard for a business owner to do for a couple of reasons. Running a store sometimes is like their lives and all they have to their name, but sometimes, circumstances happen outside of our own control where the owner must make a store closing announcement.

Second, you have employees who have devoted years of their lives to the store, just to be fired like it never happened. Obviously the closing of a store is hard on everyone involved but it’s a natural part of business and it’s not easy to do for anyone. When an owner makes a store closing announcement to the community and employees, obviously a lot of questions come up.

Some questions such as, what is the owner doing with all of the assets and what about the employees? This is a letter that has to be sent in a positive light in order to help shake the mood a little bit.


Starting to Write


Make the sad announcement up front that your store is going out of business and that the store will be closing.


Optional – Let the readers know exactly why the store is closing.


If you plan on having a going away sale or a final sale, let the readers know what deals are available.


What are the exact dates of the store closing sale?


What day will the store be closing?

Sample Letters

Store closing announcement - Sample

Dear Marie,

I’ve taken the time to mail every single individual person involved with my store and every employee a letter because my store (Gold’s Furniture) is going out of business. Due to budget cuts, the rising cost to own a business in this town and other circumstances outside of my control, I have to sell everything in the store and close it down.

However, for all the customers, I will be having a going away sale for the next two weeks before I close the doors for its final day which is March 8. This final sale allows the employees to be notified and for them to find work in the next two weeks.

To all the employees, you were all wonderful and I honestly would rather not get rid of a single one of you, but I unfortunately can’t afford to keep it alive any longer.


Jeff Gold