Sales meeting follow up

A sales meeting follow up is usually conducted directly after an interview or a sales pitch to discuss the details for the pitch and to see if the client wants to purchase anything. Basically, this is a process of going to meet the client and showing them how you can meet their needs.


Starting to Write


Remind the recipient of what the discussion was that took pace.


Make sure the recipient understands just how vital that their needs being met are and discuss how you can help them.


What exactly can the company or individual expect from the services that you will be providing? Clarify this in as much detail as possible.


Allow any further questions to be responded to as I’m sure the company or individual will have questions.

Sample Letters

Sales meeting follow up - Sample

Dear Mrs. Bagel,

I had a great time chatting with you yesterday and can tell you’re interested to know more about the employee benefits program that I’m proposing to you. Not only is health insurance mandatory now, but it’s vital that you pick the right plan or it could end up costing your company thousands of dollars out of pocket down the road.

The goal I’m hoping to help you achieve is to minimize the premium of the insurance program while giving out the best benefits. I have taken it upon myself to contact the leading insurance company in this region (SOQ Insurance) and they have been kind enough to do a free review of your company policy. They’ve given me an analysis to share with you as well.

The analysis and policies that we’re sharing with you have been selected from a list of over 40 different insurance carriers around this area. If you like one that you see please let me know and we can discuss it further in detail. You should be receiving the packet with all of the details soon and you’ll see every single detail of every insurance plan that you’ll receive.

If you have any questions about the policies here, you may reach me at 393-201-2918 and ask for Terry. You’ll find that we offer the best policies for the best rates around here and you won’t be disappointed.


Terry Manifest