Routine memo

A routine memo is what is used when something needs reviewed by an official before it goes live. Something such as a newspaper or an event that’s going to be printed in the name of the company needs to be approved by a higher up before it gets approved for launch. Writing a routine memo is very short, to the point and is done to ensure no mistakes are made when sending out something such as a newsletter.


Starting to Write


The first thing you want to do is to make sure that all the names of the people being included in the memo are listed first.


If there are any directions to give, make sure the directions are stated firmly and clearly.


If someone is needed to respond, give that instruction and let them know when they’re supposed to respond.


If there’s a signature that’s needed for approval, provide the appropriate space (optional).


Also, if the material is enclosed that’s needed to be reviewed (it usually is), include that in the letter so they don’t skip over it or miss it.

Sample Letters

Routine memo Sample

Printed Memo

To: Allen Richards, Jason Stathorn, Ronnie Liken, Lily Reichart

From: Marose Rahkeef

Subject: Please review the attached material for approval

I’m going to be releasing the newsletter this week and I need immediate approval on the material enclosed with this letter. If you see anything that needs to be changed or anything that needs to be included, please let me know before a week’s time, or I will be launching the newsletter as is. Call me at 831-102-3029 or fax me at 831-102-2981.

Approved By: ________

Date: ______