Letter to return an item

A letter to return an item whether it’s broken or faulty may be needed to request a refund from some companies. Sometimes, infomercial product sellers can be difficult when it comes to handing out refunds, so that’s where an item return letter comes into play. Make sure you include what exactly you hope will happen as the result of the letter when writing it, whether it’s a full refund or a replacement.


Starting to Write


Specify where you bought the item and what it is.


What exactly is the problem with the item that’s causing the return to happen in the firsts place?


What can be done to remedy the situation? If a full refund or a replacement is being requested, that should be noted in this section.

Sample Letters

Sample letter to return an item

Dear Customer Service or Billing Department:

I saw a commercial for the Super De-Icer product approximately one month ago on November 7, 2012. With winter fast approaching, I decided to purchase your product and received it two weeks later on November 21, 2012. However, as I have discovered, it’s not exactly as advertised and doesn’t do what it’s advertised to do.

I have enclosed the Super De-Icer with this request for a refund as well. I am returning this item because not only does it fall apart at the slightest touch but it’s not effective at removing ice either. I will be pursuing other products for my specific needs and I expect to receive a full refund for this product.

Enclosed you will find the product, my receipt and my billing statement from my credit card company. If you don’t want to grant me my request for a refund, I will happily take the charges up with my bank if need be. I expect the full cost of the product and the shipping cost to be refunded as well. If you have any questions, you can reach me at (311)392-1271.

I will wait approximately two weeks before contacting my bank over this matter.


Lane Crabson