Letter to return an item or a product

Sometimes, it’s not uncommon for people to get products or items that are undesirable and haven’t met up to their level of standards. Sometimes, vendors will actually send items that are already broken before the customer has a chance to even use the item. If contents of the item that a customer has ordered are damaged, are wrong or some are missing, then you need to write a letter to return an item or a product.

Whether you would like to request a refund or be sent a new product is entirely up to you.


Starting to Write


If you have the exact order number and product number, include it in the letter.


Explain why you happen to be returning the items if there is any reason at all.


Remind the vendor of the return policy and what you expect to happen whether it’s a refund or a new product being sent to you.


Thank the vendor for their time.

Sample Letters

Sample letter to return a product

Dear Mr. Wells,

I ordered a few of your Z-Tech Product Number: #3330291 speaker systems lately and thus far, they have not been nearly up to the standard you set them to be. There’s a crackle in the speaker whenever it’s turned up past 10%, there’s a ridiculously loud ringing noise when it goes up past 20% capacity and one of your systems actually fell apart as soon as I opened the box.

I will be returning all three of the speaker systems that I ordered for approximately for $495.75 total and I expect to have a full refund within two weeks’ time from this day: September 4. I have enclosed the receipt for this purchase as well along with my credit card information used to purchase the order.