Retirement announcement email

Retiring can be a sad but happy announcement at the same time. It’s routine to announce your retirement when you prepare to leave the work place. When someone has worked at a job for so long, it may be hard to write a retirement announcement email because of how long they’ve been there and all of their co-workers they’ve known for so long.

The main purpose of this email will be to notify all of the employees that an individual is retiring and it should be for praising the retiree. Usually this ends with the retiree leaving on a good note and is done for favorable employees.


Starting to Write


Come right out and announce the retirement. Also, make sure to include the date with the person’s name and all the exact details of when the retirement is taking place.


Include a little brief history with the company from the perspective of the person retiring. State how they got the job, how long they have been there and what achievements they made while working there as well.


If you know of any person’s positive experiences with the individual, then state those as well.


If the person has any retirement plans that you know of, include those as well. Also, list any celebrations that may be taking place because of the retirement.

Sample Letters

Retirement announcement email - Sample

From: Mary Rostando, Lead Editor <> Date: Tuesday, August 1, 2012

To: Staff and Employees

Subject: The retirement of Allen Lester

As you may or may not know, Allen has finally come to the time of retirement, which saddens us all but it’s finally time. The retirement will be taking place at September 1 as his final day of working here at the station.

Allen started here as a janitor in 1940 with a strong thirst for knowledge and a will to succeed. I remember how devoted he was when I first got here in 1970 as one of the reporters here and how devoted he was to excellence. It was uncanny to meet someone like him.

Whenever someone in the office needed help, Allen was the first one to volunteer his services. After his last day here, Allen plans on moving to Florida to live the rest of his live near a golf course and pursue some casual golf with his retired friends and family. We wish Allen well in whatever it is that he does and where ever life takes him.

We thank you Allen for all you have done for us.