Resigning on good terms

While staying in a company isn’t as common as it used to be in the old days when jobs weren’t as common, it’s still important to resign on good terms for most people, because you never want to burn old bridges as you cross them. You never know when you might just need those bridges again. This is why a resigning on good terms letter will greatly affect your chances of being hired again by the same company should you ever need to come back.


Starting to Write


State the resignation and state the exact day that you plan on leaving the company.


State that you want to make sure the company has a valid position filled and you will stick around as long as it takes to find someone to fill your position. However, when you do this, it’s still important to give an appropriate time frame in weeks.


If applicable and if you can, it’s helpful to state that you will be on call for a while if the company need be.


State your positive experience with the company and what you won’t forget about working there.

Sample Letters

Resigning on good terms - Sample

Dear Kohler,

I’d love to thank you for the time that you’ve given me and all the wonderful memories you’ve given me here but I regret to inform you that I will be resigning on July 2. I will be moving to another company that has offered me significantly more pay for the same job I’m currently doing here with the same duties.

I’d love to stick around though until you find someone suitable to replace me to fulfill my job though. I would be more than happy to also recommend a couple of people who could use a job as well that are as qualified as I am to do this job. If my new job allows it, I would be willing to work on an hourly paid basis and be on call to help the company out because I do love working here and the people I’ve met are fantastic. I’m going to miss my co-workers and the leadership here.


Kimberly Anne

Dear Roberts,

I regret to inform you that this will be my last two weeks working the company here. I have to move unfortunately due to my husband’s work and the fact he took a job halfway across the country. Do I want to leave? Definitely not, I’ve learned a lot here, most of my career is spent here and I’ve gained a lot of skills in this industry that I can’t thank you all enough for. However, it’s time to move on and pursue other opportunities.

I have two weeks which I am more than willing to stick around for and hopefully you guys can find someone to replace me. I won’t forget you guys anytime soon and I would love to work for you again should I ever come back to this town.


Julianne Michaels