Resigning on bad terms

When someone is resigning on bad terms and isn’t looking to keep a good rapport with the company, then chances are, the boss that’s receiving the letter more than likely knows exactly why the person is resigning. The point of a resignation letter is to leave on good terms and to have a hard copy of your resignation on hand in case the employer in the future wants to use your resignation against you should a future employer call and asks about you.


Starting to Write


State the resignation; you don’t give a reason as to why.


State the date that the resignation is taking place and that’s it.

Sample Letters

Resigning on bad terms - Sample

Dear Collin,

I am just writing to let you know that I am resigning from your company and will be starting work at a new company on November 3, which is three weeks from now. I feel that the three weeks I have given you are more than an adequate period of time to find new and suitable clients to fill my position.

I’d like to thank you and all of my coworkers for being wonderful to me in the past few years, but it’s time to move onto to bigger and better things.


Ashley Merston

Dear Roger and Associates,

While I have enjoyed my time here in this three year employment at Roger and Associates, I am officially turning in my resignation letter and will be leaving the company in two weeks from this date (August 2). Thank you for the opportunity to work here and I wish you well.


Jason Stratholme