Repair Letter To Landlord

It’s no secret that when a tenant rents an apartment, sometimes it’s a pain to get the landlord to get off their hind in and fix things when they’re broken. The repair letter to landlord tactic, just ensures that things get moving so that you don’t have to get the court system involved.

The format should be typed out on a personal letter head with your signature on it. You should be warned that if you’re running your own business from home, then this is something your landlord should previously know about or it could create some issues.


Starting to Write


Identify the problem that needs attention.


If there are any previous concerns or instances of this issue coming up, remind them that you have previously voiced your concern.


Remind the landlord that it’s their responsibility to fix the damages to a leased unit and talk about what damages there currently are.


Kindly ask that the problem be fixed and then add-on a time frame at which you can expect the problem to be fixed.

Sample Letters

Repair Letter To Landlord Sample

Dear Jill,

I’m writing this letter to briefly inform you of the situation at hand. There is one or more problems that need to be immediately addressed on my apartment:

  • The air conditioner is broken
  • The roof is leaking in the living room
  • The toilet won’t stop flushing

Under the ORC 5321.04 (The Ohio Landlord Tenant Law), you are required by law to keep this rental unit in a fit condition and if any repairs are needed, you are responsible.

If however, you have not returned this letter and you have refused to cooperate by fixing and addressing these issues in the next thirty days, I will be keeping my rent and depositing it into the Clerk of Municipal Court downtown.

You can attest to the fact that I have paid my rent on time every single month and you never had to chase me down but these issues can’t go unaddressed. I am sure you will fix and address the issues at hand so we can keep this civil and out of the hands of the court system.


Jessica W

Before even writing the complaint, make sure that the laws and the lease are on your side.
Don’t start off demanding with the first letter and keep a copy of all mail that you send the landlord.
Do not withhold rent without consulting an attorney or do anything that would jeopardize your living situation.