Recommendation letter to customer

Sending a recommendation letter to customer can be a good thing because it’s not ideally used to sell something but can be used to give a customer a recommendation that helps their business. When their business exceeds, that means you’ll get more orders as well, which means more business for you. If you notice a customer is falling behind on their sales or you see an area for some improvement that could take place, don’t be afraid to make a recommendation.


Starting to Write


Thank them for using your product and tell them you hope they continue to be customers.


State that however, you see a problem area with their business plan.


State how you would ideally fix the situation and what could ideally be done about it.

Sample Letters

Sample recommendation letter to customer

Dear Mark,

I would like to thank you for being a loyal customer and subscriber to the Nation Body Shop here for all of your auto part needs. You’re one of our best bulk part customers that we have and we sincerely thank you for that.

It’s none of my business getting involved in your business but I noticed you currently don’t run any kind of specials or mark downs on your products on any day of the week and I was wondering why. Running specials leads to a lot of impulse buys and brings in more attraction to the store. Not only that, but while it may seem like a loss of money from running a special, when customers are in your store looking at the special deals, you can place them next to other essential items that are related to those products. Those are just a couple of things to consider.