Quotation follow up letter

After sending a contract, if you haven’t yet gotten a response, then there’s a series of steps that you need to follow to ensure that you land the client and get the sale. Sometimes, you’ll need the client for your sales quota and a quotation follow up letter may just help you achieve that goal or at least bring you one step closer.


Starting to Write


Remind the client that the quotation that has been attached is still in effect.


Acknowledge that the customer probably has other options and is considering several different sources at once.


If you would like, you can re-quote some new specifications.


Ask the client to ask questions on something that may trouble them.

Sample Letters

Sample quotation follow up letter

First Reminder:

Dear Mr. Less,

I would just like to send out a friendly minder that all the terms and the prices that were included on that quotation are still going to be good for several weeks. I understand that you may be considering options and shopping around to see if there are any different prices or deals than what we have quoted you.

If that happens to be the case, then give me a call and we can discuss a different quote should you have found a better deal. We’ll be more than happy to provide different quotes for you at different specifications, but you have to give us a call first. If you lost our number, it’s 439-201-2918.



Second Reminder:

Dear Mr. Less,

I know it’s been a while since we originally quoted you on that new computer system that you are intent on having that will help your business out. We ask that before you sign another contract with another company who will deliver a subpar computer system, you give us a call at 439-201-2918 and discuss the details of the contract with us, because we’re more than willing to negotiate on the terms.



Last Reminder:

Dear Mr. Less,

There are only a few days remaining on this exclusive once in a life time deal that we quoted you. If you do favor our system and you’re still looking around for a better price, then please let us know right away as the quotation will expire in a few days. We’ll lock in the prices that are currently standing and we can go ahead and roll out the deal. If of course you’re looking for a different system and it’s not as described, then give us a call.

We can’t read minds but we want to help you and we want you to succeed, so please give us a call today! If you call today, I will extend the quote for 60 days but that’s the absolute best we can do for you. That is our pure ironclad guarantee that you’re getting the best system mat the best price.

We’ll also be more than happy to help you with software, upgrades or equipment should you have purchased another system from another company; we’re always here to help with whatever you may need.