Promotional email sample

A promotional email sample needs to be direct and it needs to instill fear. Forget all that nonsense about being nice and honesty, do you really think honesty sells? Let’s face it, there are a billion email marketers out there who are constantly trying to sell you crap every single day.

Selling is a lot harder than some people make it out to be, because it’s not simply just pushing a product in front of people’s faces. For this sample, we’re going to assume that the promotional email has the distinct purpose of selling managers management software.


Starting to Write


Address the management and start off with a concern in the management community. This works for any market. You want to make sure you start off with a common problem or concern in the community that is receiving the email.


Let them know the consequences of the potential problem or concern and if they ignore it, what could happen. This needs to be exaggerated a bit. You don’t have to lie, but exaggerating the problem helps create fear and a need to purchase.


Let them know that you are the solution they’re looking for and you have the key to their problem.


Let them know that for a low cost, they can now own one this management software.

Sample Letters

Sample promotional email sample

Dear Management Everywhere – Your Data Is In Jeopardy

Dear Manager, you’re probably a very busy individual. You probably have a stack of papers on your desk and you more than likely have a million phone calls to make over the next few hours.

We understand how stressful it is but what’s worse is having inaccurate data. Did you know that your data could be at risk if you’re using software such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office? While one of them is free, there are some gaping flaws that could leave your data in jeopardy.

Data could be wiped out without any warning, hackers could have easy access to all that data and you might not have consistent data from previous excel spreadsheets meaning you put the wrong information down.

The good news is that I was once in your position and I have the solution. I’d like to present to you, UltraData, which is the world’s leading premier spreadsheet data analyst and data management software. What can this software do for you? Besides protecting your information from hackers, making sure you data is consistent and correct and minimizing errors? You should give us a call right away and don’t delay!

If you’d like to give us a call, you can call us at 339-331-2018 in order to discuss your needs and what this software can do for you.



UltraData – Vice President