Price estimate letter

Sometimes, people need an estimate on a product or asset, and sometimes you might be the one sending out that price estimate letter. You need to remember to be fair with your pricing structure and to be honest. Only tell someone what you would be willing to pay for an asset or a product being evaluated and take the consideration carefully. They may or may not be selling the potential asset but just getting ideas of how much people would be willing to pay for it.


Starting to Write


Let the recipient know that you have received their request and have evaluated the price of their requested item.


Let the recipient know the price of the item and why you came to that price.


If the recipient was asking if you would be interested in purchasing the product, then let them know.

Sample Letters

Sample price estimate letter

Dear Manson,

I’ve reviewed and carefully inspected your 1995 Cavalier and have found it to be in pretty great condition. I would estimate the price to be around $1,500. It would be around $2,200 if you were to replace the wheels and get a new paint job because there’s paint starting to chip off on the car. I would recommend trying to sell it for $2,000 on social networking websites as people will try to talk you down at first anyways.