Pre meeting letter

A pre meeting letter will help a buyer prepare for a meeting and will potentially help the seller as well so the buyer knows what to expect. When preparing this type of meeting, you need to make sure you mention specifics and what the buyer can expect so they can craft questions that are more suited to the product and what you plan on delivering to the buyer. This also raises the conversion rate from curious client to buyer as well. In order to make the meeting productive, follow these steps when sending out a pre-meeting letter.


Starting to Write


Start with confirming the date, the time and location that the meeting is going to take place.


If the client needs to bring anything or confirm anything, list it here so it doesn’t get forgotten before the meeting.


Cordially close the client and tell them you can’t wait to meet with them.

Sample Letters

Sample pre meeting letter

To: Rodney Rosseph

From: Rick Allenor (301-203-3018)

Re: Our Meeting on Wednesday (June 5)

I for one am looking forward to meeting with you and discussing our new computer software that we can’t wait to show you. We will be meeting at the Plaza conference meeting room in our office at 7 AM on June 5. In order to have a productive meeting that doesn’t have unanswered questions, here’s some things that should be ready by then:

  1. Bring a print out or list of all your current needs for your company.
  2. List the current problems with your current system and what they’re doing to your company.
  3. The client list you have and would like to include in the sales sample.

The more information included the easier it will be to help you out.