Phone conversation follow up

A phone conversation follow up should be done one or two days after you send your introduction or proposal to a client for a product or service. Now, a phone conversation follow up has many different uses for many different reasons, but it has been shown to increase the response rate in clients tremendously.

For the sake of this sample, we’re going to assume that a product is being sold to a customer or at least a potential customer and this is what the phone conversation follows up on.


Starting to Write


Remind the customer of the recent conversation.


State how much as an estimation the product will cost and if there are any discounts available.


If there is any financing options available, state those as well.


Tell the customer how to take the next step if they wish to take a further step in purchasing.

Sample Letters

Sample phone conversation follow up

Mr. Polanks,

It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you on Wednesday concerning the computing needs of your business. As you know, we all live in the digital age and having the best computer in the office is essential to running successful business. You asked me for estimated to be mailed to you as soon as possible, and I have attached those estimated based on your needs.

As you can see, I have stated which financing options are available to you based on the amount and the systems being employed. If you would like, we can discuss the low monthly payment option or we can discuss a portion of the pay upfront and average out the monthly payments over a course of a year as well. It depends on what you need as to what the next step is.

If you’d like to continue, simply respond to this letter and let us know!