Participation confirmation letter

During the Holidays, people are known to be very generous and while a lot of companies will spend time sending out participation invitation letters, a lot of them will receive a participation confirmation letter back as well. Whether it’s for a blood drive, a soup kitchen, an event not related to Holidays, or whatever the event may be, a confirmation letter should be sent to everyone interested to who has expressed helping out in one way or another to let them know what their options are.


Starting to Write


Thank the volunteer for expressing interest in helping their cause.


Let the volunteer know what the options are if they’re still interested in helping and donating time to the cause.


Let them know exactly where to be and at what time (also, if there’s anything they need to bring).


Thank the volunteer again and let them know how much their contribution means to your organization.

Sample Letters

Sample participation confirmation letter

Dear Barney,

As you may know, we’re hosting our annual Thanksgiving free meal kitchen again this year. We know you’ve expressed interest in the past and wanted to know when this event would be taking place, and we’d like to thank you for expressing interest. We couldn’t be happier to find people like you in this neighborhood that want to help out and give to the needy.

If you’d like to help, you can come to Ron’s Diner on Fifth Street at 3:00 PM and the event will last until 9:00 PM but you don’t have to stay the whole time.

Here’s what we need volunteers for:

  • People to box up food hand it off to the front counter workers.
  • People to work the front counter and to hand out food to people who come in.
  • Help preparing the food and cooking it (no cooking experience is required, only have to listen to instructions and follow directions)
  • Drivers who can deliver materials to us and make runs for us as well (a valid driver’s license and method of transportation is required).

Please let us know if you’ll be there at 338-202-2018 so we know how will be there and what times you plan on helping. Thank you again for your interest and your generous contribution will bring smiles to many homeless people this Thanksgiving who are in need of shelter.


Marilynn Ebert