Order placement letter

In the old days before computers or e-mail, people had to send out an order placement letter whenever they wanted to receive a product that wasn’t locally available to them. However, some companies still require that you send out an order placement letter whether it’s typed or written out can be entirely up to you. Just make sure that you enclose the amount that you owe the company if you want to see the product, or else you may have to end up sending another letter.


Starting to Write


Clarify that you would like to make an order on a product. If you have the product number and model number handy, include that with the description.


Clarify what kind of shipping you would like, usually the options are listed on their product pages or in magazines but if not; clarify the kind of shipping you would like anyways.


Enclose the money that you owe them for the product and the shipping combined and thank the recipient for a speedy delivery.

Sample Letters

Sample order placement letter

Dear Max Tools,

I would like to place an order in your store for product #381901 which is the Do It Yourself Kit that includes wrenches, a hammer, some starter nails, an electric screw driver and a level kit.

The cost of the product is $199.25 and the approximate cost of the shipping that I would like which is “Next Day Ground Shipping” is $50 flat.

I have enclosed $249.25 in the envelope and would like to thank you for your products; they’re always great to me. Thank you for the order and the speedy delivery in advance!