Order letter

An order letter for a service or an order letter for a product is a short letter that’s designed to act as a payment system. Usually the payment and instructions are included in the letter, as the letter is designed to order something and not check on the available of a product. You want to make sure that all the contact details and shipping is correct or you may end up getting a product you didn’t order.


Starting to Write


Describe the product or give out the product number if you have it (usually these are printed in catalogs).


Write down the approximate cost and if you like, make a photocopy of the advertisement in the catalog so that the company won’t dispute the price of the product.


Enclose the amount of money owed for the product with the letter.


Give accurate contact details and a return address for you to receive your product.

Sample Letters

Order letter Sample

Dear Great Vacuums Inc,

I was looking through your catalog for a new and modern innovation vacuums and I would like to give the Model X33 a try. The model I’m looking at here is product number #33212 in your catalog and I would like to go ahead and purchase that vacuum.

Product: Model X33 Vacuum (Product #33212)

Price: $105.25

Name: Jamie Ribbs

Address: 220 Fake Street, Somewhere, State, Zip Code

Phone: (217)382-3339

I would like standard ground shipping as it states here in the magazine that standard 3 day ground shipping is free on any order over $50.

Enclosed: $105.25 for the order of my Model X33 vacuum and a photocopy of the product in question should you question the product or price in question.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.