Non compliance letter

A non compliance letter is basically a simple way of letting the client or the provider know that current level of service is unsatisfactory. There’s really not one single person that can be blamed because it’s usually the fault of both parties.

A service contract is a very complicated work order because even on a small scale without a huge contract, there are so many fine print details and a lot of loopholes that people seem to find while working together. Also, there are usually so many small details involved in a project that you can often at times forget small little things as well.


Starting to Write


Start with an acknowledgement statement stating that there is a problem with the service being received.


Which service or product is having the issue and what exact contract you have will be useful information as well.


Whatever the problem is, be specific about it.


State what you want to happen and how you want the company to remedy the situation.


Request an answer to get things moving again.

Sample Letters

Sample non compliance letter

Dear Home Solutions,

As you are well aware, we are under a contract right now for a home being built in New York for $200.000. Now, I understand that a lot of fine print work went into this contract but we’re having a slight issue with the service because of some of the employees on sight.

It seems that the deadlines is not being made and we’re going to fall way behind on schedule, and some of the employees simply just don’t show up on some days. This indeed is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately! I want this problem addressed by next week or else the house won’t be ready by completion date.

If I could please get a response or an answer to my e-mail (which you have) or my phone (343-302-2018), that would be great.