No open positions at this time letter

When a position is not currently open to an applicant whether they’re qualified or not, it’s only polite to send out what’s known as a no open positions at this time letter to let them know. Whether or not you encourage them to reply back at a later date is up to you.


Starting to Write


Thank the recipient for their time and their application.


State that there are no current open positions for your company at this time.


Tell the recipient you will keep their letter for consideration and ask them to follow up with you at a later date if you want (this part is optional).

Sample Letters

Sample no open positions at this time letter

Dear Mrs. Rosen,

I have received your application from Human Resources Director Michael Macson because he feels that you would be a great fit for this company and he was impressed with your application. I would like to thank you for your application to AAJ Assurance and want to remind you that we appreciate the time you took to apply here and that you thought of AAJ Assurance.

However, we currently have no data entry positions available at this time and Michael should have known that. While we would love to have you here working for us, we currently can’t offer you a position at this time and will keep your records on file should a position open up in the near future. I would urge you to check up on this position every 2 weeks because we do have a couple of people who may be up for retirement soon.

You can call me directly at 383-401-2019 to check up on your application to see if any positions are open.


Marcus Rossenfield