New product sales letter

Selling a new product should be done with either a large marketing budget or with clever marketing tactics on the client list that you already have built up. However, it needs to be done with caution and care as well, because some customers get highly annoyed with sales letters for their products they didn’t order.

It’s a common tactic to send our direct marketing letters but a new product sales letter is a bit different than your typical run of the mill sales pitch. A new product sales letter is kind of like a sales pitch that isn’t trying to actually sell anything but it’s more like an informational chart. The entire goal and purpose of the letter is to inform customers of a new product line or updates to currently existing products.


Starting to Write


Address the customer and let them know how much their business means.


State that you have new products in line and what those products are.


What can those products benefit to the people reading your letter?


Give the reader further instructions if they would like to place an order or find out more information.

Sample Letters

Sample new product sales letter

Dear Customer,

I’d like to thank you and let you know that we highly appreciate and value your patronage at our store. It helps us stay in business and we in return give you great cleaning products. We hope we didn’t send this at a bad time, we just wanted to see how you were doing with the products you had already purchased from us and announce some brand new products off the line.

We have a new extendible duster that reaches those hard to reach places such as a ceiling fan top. There’s no need to stand on top of a chair and reach up potentially falling down, with our extendible dusters, you can do it straight from the ground, and they extend up to 4 feet. How much will this cost you? An incredible $19.99 + shipping and handling.

Also, we have a new modern sweeper that we’re testing out called the XSweep2 that’s supposed to serve as a complete re-model for the XSweep. We know many of you reading this letter already own a XSweep and if that’s true, then you might qualify for a free trial for the XSweep2. If you’re interested or want to know more information, you can call me directly at 493-201-2018 and ask for Michael.