Negotiate a job offer

When you receive a job offer, sometimes your first instinct will be to decline because the terms aren’t exactly in a position that you would like them to be in but rather than decline the offer, what you can do is simply negotiate for a better offer. An employee worth hiring will be one worth fighting for in terms of benefits. Most salesman start low with their bids so don’t be afraid to say no and negotiate.


Starting to Write


Explain why you should receive a better off and explain any evidence you have to back the claim.


Talk about the going rate in the industry if that’s the concern.


If the salary won’t be increased, try to negotiate for better benefits on your behalf.

Sample Letters

Sample negotiate a job offer

Dear Mr. Wallace,

Thank you for your consideration and the job offer. However, I was reading through the terms, conditions and payment structure and I have some grave concerns.

It appears that the salary is far too low compared to what I expect to make based on my background skills and performance at other jobs. I’m asking a noble $60,000 which is 20% lower in the industry for a Programmer with my background.

However, you have offered me only $40,000 which would be hard to live on in the location you’re requesting I move to. If you are willing to negotiate for housing and rent help, I may consider your offer but at this time, I can’t accept the offer because I wouldn’t be able to afford rent.