Meeting Follow-Up Letter

Business people the world over spend a good portion of their time networking. Doubtless, networking is an essential means of gaining essential connections that may lead to additional business.  It is staggering, then, to realize that most business people fail to follow-up on an initial contact. Take the typical trade show for instance: an attendee may receive dozens of business cards, and yet most of those will be tossed or stored in a drawer, never to be seen again. However, with a simple follow up template letter, you send one response to anyone you meet at a trade show or other event, with minimal customization.

Format: typed via typewriter or word processor on letterhead.


Starting to Write


Thank your new contact for taking the time to stop by your booth or chat with you.


Briefly let your contact know how you can help them accomplish their goals.


Mention the highlights of the letter. These are the key points that you want to get across.


Close by letting the contact know that you value their business and look forward to hearing from them.

Sample Letters

Meeting Follow-Up Letter Sample

Dear Sandy,

It was great to meet you last week at the staffing convention. I recall that you were looking for a staff sourcing solution and I’d like to let you know that we’re the number one staff sourcing business in our district. Here at Express Connect Services, we connect employers with motivated, vetted and qualified staff.  Our patented staff-sourcing technology connects employee to employer over two hundred thousand times per year! Often, employees that are placed by our agency remain at their new jobs on average five years longer than other agencies in our area.

Our continual reinvestment strategy ensures that we are always improving. Just last year we reinvested over two million dollars in our all-important infrastructure. Our commitment to our system translates directly into increased efficiency, flexibility and profit for your company.  Once you join our family of satisfied customers, you will receive a dedicated customer service specialist to walk you through the process from start to finish. It really can’t be any easier than we make it here at Express Connect Services.

Please find enclosed a brief overview of our service, and what it can mean for your bottom line. I’m eager to take your call and answer any questions you may have.  I look forward to connecting you to a highly motivated work force.


Bruce McBride

Always state where you met and let them know that you enjoyed making their acquaintance.
Let your contact know how you can help them. Emphasize the benefits.
Imply how you would like to meet next, whether a simple phone call or an in-person meeting.
Useful Stock Phrases:

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope to see you again soon.
It was a pleasure.
I’ve taken the liberty to.
I recall that you.
I’ll call you.
I’d like to set up a time to.