Marriage announcement letter

A marriage announcement letter is a simple yet short letter to let friends and family who couldn’t attend the ceremony or gathering know that a wedding took place. It’s a happy and short letter but sometimes some people don’t get the memo or can’t make the wedding. On rare occasions, some couples prefer to have small weddings. It’s straight to the point and can be done in a few sentences or less.


Starting to Write


Come right out and announce the marriage.


Apologize that their company couldn’t be at the wedding (if a wedding took place with a crowd, some are hitch style marriages).


Wish the recipients well and give them your contact information if you want to be contacted by them.

Sample Letters

Marriage announcement letter sample

Dear Wallace family,

I know this seems rather sudden seeing as you’ve never met my boyfriend Allan but I want you to know that we got married on December 15 of last year. We had a very small crowd and we’re sorry that we couldn’t invite more people or have you there, but it was only a very few select people.

We just wanted to share the good news with you and wish your family well! We hope everything is going well at the Wallace farm and we can’t wait to stop by this summer and see the horses!


Allan and Julie Roberts