Lost sale follow up letter

When you lose a sale to another company or to another individual, the first thing that comes to your mind not be sending them a lost sale follow up letter to see how they’re doing. However, what you don’t realize is, this can actually make them a future customer at a later date with you rather than the company they used initially.

In the end, customers have the choice to pick and choose which service they would like to buy and not buy. If they choose to shop at your establishment or obtain your services or someone else’s then that’s their choice. The best practice is to make them feel like a highly valued customer and sending a lost sale follow up letter does just that.


Starting to Write


Thank the customer for the opportunity to present your products to them or your services (whichever one applies).


Express gratitude that the customer found someone able to do the job or serve the product for them.


If you find some information that might be interesting or intriguing to the client, share it with them.

Sample Letters

Sample lost sale follow up letter

I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to personally bid on the Lawton job and have the opportunity to be the product carrier. I am however glad that you found someone to do the job although you did not choose us. You were on a tight deadline and it was tough to deliver but I am grateful you found someone.

I would like to ask that you keep us in mind for the future when you have future jobs that need done. While our quality isn’t as great as theirs because they have a larger budget to make those products, we offer a 30% discount on opt of the already cheaper products we offer. We would love to have your business in the future.


Ted Moselin