Letters To The Editor

Sending your thoughts and opinions to an editor is merely giving your opinion on freedom of speech to the editor. Expressing your views in America doesn’t cost you a penny and you can do so without any consequences.

How you write to the editor is your choice and you can format it well with structured arguments or you can just write a poorly written letter trashing the editor. Ideally, it’s up to you. How seriously you’re taken though may be at fault if it’s poorly worded.

The format should be typed out on a personal letterhead.


Starting to Write


Reference the exact portion or piece that you’re responding to.


Bring up the issue and talk about your direct problem with it.


Make sure the point of view is heard and understand but do so without being rude about it.


If you have any supporting evidence or facts, point them out and give any recommendations you feel necessary.

Sample Letters

Letter To The Editor Sample

Dear Editor:

I’d like to ask about a comment recently made in your latest issue of the Sunville Times which states that animals shouldn’t have as much protection as humans should. The piece was written by your writer Mark Schnider.

May I ask why Mr. Schnider believes animal abusers should get off so easily or why Schnider doesn’t like animals?

If you have facts or supporting evidence to back up your claims, state them.
Fewer words with bigger meanings is the best practice, don’t smother a page with a bunch of useless words.
Don’t insult them, as they may be likely to just throw it away and pass it off as uneducated.