Letter to an elected official

Sending a letter to an elected official can serve a couple of different purposes. Sometimes people like to send angry letters to officials to show their support for a specific cause or for a disagreement on something. Other people like to ask them specific questions in order to help be persuaded on who they should vote for. Remember, often times, letters to elected officials are read by staff members rather than by themselves. If the letter is good enough, it will be passed on to the official for an official response.


Starting to Write


Clarify your name, your organization or cause and why they’re receiving the letter.


Be as specific as possible when asking them a direct question about a cause or issue.


To get a more direct response, ask them about an opponent’s views or what they’d like to say against certain commentary from an opponent.


Thank the elected official for their time. Never make any kind of verbal threats against an elected official unless you want to receive a visit from the police.

Sample Letters

Sample letter to an official

Dear Senator Carlisle,

I am a father and I am a concerned angry citizen to hear about your stance on Juveniles and the law that allows them to go free once they’re 18. Some of these juveniles are murderers and rapists that are being allowed to roam the streets freely once they turn 18. Surely you can’t possibly believe that this law is doing more good than harm?

Not to mention, statistics show that a good majority of these people will only go on to end up back in our prison system! This is a complete waste of our tax money that could be the schools, the parks, more jobs and other vital areas that need help in our state. What do you have to say against the harsh criticism for your state juvenile detention laws?

I’d love for a response back to this letter or a direct response from you at my personal number listed here: 332-321-1837.


Mark Wallaby

Dear Senator Trueston,

It was to my understanding that you would be implementing a new law and forcing cable companies to stop in fluctuating prices for their service at a certain point. This law makes absolutely no sense as these cable companies are more than well off and I’d like to hear your future plans on it, if any are going to be applied in the immediate future.

As it currently stands, companies like ATT/Time Warner are hiking their prices way up on their services in this area because of your plants to put an end to their constant rising prices. I’d like to hear more information on this matter so we can rest assured that we’ll have more money in our pockets to spend on the economy rather than on big corporation cable companies.


Ashley Lynnet

Dear Mayor Weston,