Letter to lawyer

Writing a letter to a lawyer isn’t as common as it used to be since most people just call in but writing a letter is more effective because it’s easier to write down all the facts of a case than it is to remember them on the phone. If you’re looking for representation then you’ll want to do what’s known as writing a letter to a lawyer for representation which can be a slightly different process than simply inquiring about services.


Starting to Write


Ask right away for representation or whatever question that needs to be asked.


State the matter that needs representing and which company or individual that it’s going against.

  1. If you have any facts or numbers to discuss and share with the lawyer, feel free to share them.
Sample Letters

Sample letter to lawyer

Dear Mr. White,

I am writing to you to seek representation in a case that I will be filing against an individual for defamation of character. Back in August, this person was pretending to be me in an online profile by utilizing my picture and my name. The individual was sending threatening messages to people which resulted in my arrest and even called my work.

I’ve since been fired, have lost a month worth of paychecks and I also lost my computer in the dispute which has caused me even more monetary loss because I work from there as well. I’ve in total lost $3655 from missing work and $753 from having my computer taken while they investigate the event.

They have connected the individual in question (Mr. Tim Kendrick) to be responsible for the messages being sent in my name and I would like to personally go after him in court. If there’s anything I can do or anything else I can provide you, please let me know.

Call me at 842-393-1734


Matthew Bone