Letter To A Candidate After The Interview

One important tip as an employer is to always make sure that the candidates and employees are in the loop. Whether applications are still being accepted, the job position has been filled or they were declined for the position, they should know about it. Letting the candidate know where they stand will allow them to either make time to keep applying to other positions or to wait and remain hopeful about the current position.

The format should be on a business letterhead and is most commonly typed out using a word processor.


Starting to Write


First, address the candidate and the position that they were applying for.


Personally thank the candidate for applying to your company and for the interest that they have in working with your organization.


Establish grounds with where exactly you are in the hiring process and where the applicant stands.


Try to include where you see the hiring process going and how the situation looks as of current.

Sample Letters

Sample Letter To A Candidate After The Interview

Dear Applicate/Candidate,

We’d like to thank you for your interest in the position of [specify position], we are currently thoroughly reviewing all applications sent in and will have picked an applicant to fill the position on [set specific date here]. Thank you for your interest with the company and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 839-102-1857.


Designee or Department

Useful Things To Include:

Thank the applicant for their interest and the time taken to apply to the company. If you’re currently reviewing applications, then tell the candidate that applications are still currently under review. If the candidate has been considered for a position, then let them know that they’re under consideration until further notice.