Letter of Job Acceptance

A letter of job acceptance is a formal response to a job offer. Its purpose is to accept terms previously agreed in person or over the phone, so is therefore relatively short. It not only reinforces your professionalism, but allows you to restate what the position is for, your title, salary and any benefits. While this is generally a formality, it provides documentation in case there are any disputes about these terms further down the line, or the company fails to meet what was originally offered.


Starting to Write


Keep the letter friendly, professional and brief.


Restate your job title and key elements of the position for documentation purposes.


Briefly restate why you think you’re suited for the role.


Thank the employer and mention how you are looking forward to working with them.

Sample Letters

Letter of Job Acceptance Sample

Dear Ms. Kelley,

I would like to thank you for your job offer at Universal Fruit, and I graciously accept the position of Senior Salesperson. I feel the aims are perfectly in line with my skills and experience, and I look forward to joining the rest of the team.


As outlined in our interview, my salary will begin at $30,000 annually, and the option of medical benefits will be discussed after 60 days of employment.


Once again, thank you for the opportunity, I thoroughly enjoyed our interview, and I cannot wait to start making sales.


If you have any queries in the meantime, I can be contacted on (505) 773-7624.



Troy Huxley

Letter of Job Acceptance Sample 2

Portage Road Bakery

772 Seth Street
Abilene, TX 79601


Dear Henry,

I am very pleased that I was chosen to fill the position of head baker at Portage Road Bakery! It is a great honor to be chosen as a member of this great family business.


I am writing to inform you that I will be vacating my current position at my current employer and will be available to start my new position on Monday, July 16th, 2009. Therefore, I formally accept the position of head baker!


Thanks again for choosing me to be a part of your business, and I hope to build many new relationships and be as productive as I can working with you!



David Franklin