Late delivery complaint letter

When you need a delivery and you need it fast, having something arrive late can be one of the most frustrating things you can possibly go through. You have deadlines, you have a boss pressuring you to make a presentation or whatever the reason may be, getting a delivery on time is highly important.

However, sometimes things slip through the cracks and getting a delivery doesn’t exactly go as planned. This is when you need to send out a late delivery complaint letter but you have to remember that this needs to be done with care.


Starting to Write


What exactly are the details of the shipment that’s giving you problems?


List the merchandise involved and when the date of delivery was supposed to be.


Express your voice and concern over what the delay has caused.


Praise the service of the company if you have any dealings with them before hand and express desire to continue doing business with the company.


Ask for an immediate response in the matter.

Sample Letters

Late delivery complaint letter Sample

Dear Printing Company,

I have ordered the XJ300 printer from you guys approximately four months ago and apparently there is some kind of issue with receiving the printer that I paid for. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on but here are the details of my transaction.

Date: May 9, 2013

Product: XJ300 Printer, Model #SJ302918S

Price: $129.99

As you can see by my attached receipt that I have enclosed, I did indeed pay for the product, but yet I don’t see the product here as it hasn’t come yet. I’ve been sending letters but I’m afraid they’re going unanswered. Could you please give me an update or a refund? Either one, I would be more than happy with but I need that printer.

I need that printer to print out important documents for clients and I’m tired of going to the library to do all my printing. Please send your immediate response or call me at 493-388-2314.


Alex Sarson