Keep in touch email

Keeping in touch with colleagues is one thing, but keeping in touch with your customers and clients is another thing because this determines whether or not they want your business. Doing business is a lot like babysitting in a way but instead of babysitting children, you have to keep an eye on clients or they’ll go somewhere else.

Sending out a keep in touch email addressed the customers as your own colleagues and should be done with care. It’s a relatively short letter and not a lot of information has to be put into it but it’s done for several reasons.

  1. Some people send out emails to keep in touch because they want to know how they’re enjoying the products they ordered.
  2. Some people want to keep in touch with old friends or colleagues that grew apart over the years.

Starting to Write


Start off with a nice and cordial greeting that addresses the individual so it doesn’t seem like a mass email.


If it’s a customer and you have a new product you would like to discuss or offer, share it with them.


If they have ordered something from you in the past, ask for their opinion and how they’re doing with the product.


Thank them for being a valuable customer.

Sample Letters

Sample keep in touch email

To: Jessie <email here>

From: Michael Dackson <email here>

Subject: Dear Jessie, you are a valuable client! Just keeping in touch!

I just wanted to send out a personal letter to ask how you were coping with your X32 sweeper and how it’s been treating you. Just so you know, we released a new brand of sweeper bags that expand better and actually filter out harmful chemicals better as well.

It’s called the X32 R5 replacement bag for the standard X32 bag. If you’d like more information on it, it’s on our website or you can simply reply to this e-mail and ask me for more details. I’d be more than happy to share details with you.

Thank you again for being a valuable customer and if there’s anything that you need, feel free to let me know!


Matt with Plus Sweepers