IRS Audit Response letter

Everyone has a crippling fear of the IRS because during tax season, the Government means business. If there’s one thing you never want to cheat on or screw the Government out of, its money and taxes. Sometimes the IRS will submit an audit letter to let you know that an audit will be taking place on you at a selected date. If you want the process to go smoother, response with an IRS audit response letter, even if they don’t ask anything from you in return with proper documentation.


Starting to Write


Don’t talk or send fluff to the IRS auditor, just send them the official documentation that they have requested.


Include your personal details such as your name, number, address and social security number.


Include any information that you believe would help verify taxes paid or the amount that was claimed on your return.

Sample Letters

Sample IRS Audit Response Letter

Dear IRS,

I have enclosed all the copies of the requested documents that you were asking for. The following documents are for the 2006 tax return audit.

Name: Irene Stefano Grant

Social Security Number: 218-20-3918

The following envelope has these documents inside:

  • Any business expenses that were made when I started my cooking business.
  • Any gas expenses that were used while on my way to meet with a client during business hours.

If any other information is provided by me, you can reach me by my phone number: 293-039-1928. I will be more than willing to answer any questions you have.


Irene Grant