Inform Current Employer About New Job

Sometimes leaving a company can be hard to do if an employee has been there for many years. However, it’s something that must be done when new opportunities arise, they must inform their current employer so that they have adequate warning and time to find new qualified employees. A letter will assist in helping you avoid telling the same story to a bunch of people.

The Format should be typed on a business letterhead and typed out.


Starting to Write


Acknowledge that a new opportunity or job has come up and that the offer has been accepted.


The employee should specify what position they have taken.


Optional, but professional: Explain why the position has been accepted.


Thank the company for the opportunity to work with them.


Wish the company well in their endeavors.

Sample Letters

Inform Current Employer About New Job Sample

To: Charles Smith, Team Leader

I would like to inform the management that I have accepted a new position with a brand new company called BrightLights Ltd. The position is for a Senior Supervisor position and it will begin effective March 18, 2013. My last day working here will be on March 14, 2013.

I’d like to personally thank the management and all of my co-workers for giving me the opportunity to work here and it’s truly been a wonderful experience that I will not forget. All of the experience I’ve gained here will be applied to future positions while I pursue other opportunities.

Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to work at the company and to grow my skills in the management field.



Don’t beat around the bush or include too much fluff, just say that a new position has come up that has been accepted.
The employee should be courteous when presenting their letter and demeanor.
Even if there’s built up frustration or anger with the current company, do not let it show, be nothing but courteous.