Incomplete work letter

When a job goes unfinished or unsatisfactory to the point where it feels like it wasn’t done all the way through, then you may want to consider sending out what’s known as an incomplete work letter. This will let the employee or the contractor know that the work hasn’t been done to a satisfactory letter and hopefully gets them to put more effort into the work.

Sometimes, workers can just get lazy and don’t do the necessary work on purpose. An incomplete work letter should remain firm but nice as they might have just forgotten about some of the details of the job.


Starting to Write


State the job and the details of the job that is not complete.


Explain what needs to be done for the job to be done.


Explain what you want to happen as a result of this letter and what you expect to be done about it.


You need to be clear that the vendor or employee will not be paid any further unless the work is completed.


Demand a quick response in order to get things moving.

Sample Letters

Sample incomplete work letter

Dear Mark,

It’s come to my attention that not only is the website only half done, I still don’t have any update from you on when it will be done. The deadline was two weeks ago and you have yet to contact me. I understand some people get busy and things happen sometime, but I would love it if you could update me and contact me on the condition of the website and what’s going on.

I expect the entire website to be done and delivered to me by Monday or else, I will be calling my card company and refunding the $3,000 down payment I sent you for the website. Furthermore, I will register a complaint with the BBB and the FTC against your company, because this is not only unprofessional, this is illegal.

I’ve lost a lot of business over your delay and if you don’t offer me a good solution or answer by Monday, I may also consider taking you to small claims court over my lost business as well.


Richie Rights