Losing bidder letter

When someone loses a bid, they never like to get that letter but in the business world it’s a necessity to send out such a letter to let someone know that they were not considered the favorable bidder. You never know, if the auction hasn’t officially ended and you send this letter pre-maturely, they could up their bid to become the winning bidder, so it’s important to always send the letter out to the losing bidder.

A losing bidder letter needs to remain short and to the point yet simple.


Starting to Write


Remind the recipient that every single bidder is taken seriously and considered.


Compliment the recipient about the quality of their work.


State the rejection briefly.


Thank the recipient.

Sample Letters

Sample losing bidder letter

Dear Mark Lyel,

While your proposal was very carefully considered, we have decided to go with another vendor. You are an impressive company and a wonderful vendor that we’d love to work with but unfortunately, another subcontractor has been chosen. I will be keeping your company name on file for future projects that we may use you for.