How To Write a Confirmation Letter

Letters of confirmation are acknowledgment letters sent primarily to confirm details or to put any oral agreements in writing.

Other reasons for confirmation letters vary from acknowledging: an invitation, a resignation, the receipt of a report, a résumé, a suggestion, the anniversary of a customer’s company, or to respond to feedback (negative or postive).

Appointments, travel, meetings, events, conferences, and other time-specific tasks should be confirmed in writing. A simple memo or e-mail does the trick. Other types of confirmations include reviewing business agreements or decisions, confirming oral agreements, and confirming a decision.

Sample Letters

Sample Confirmation Letter

Dear Irene:

I got your message and I am happy to hear that [NAME] is booked for your March “Night of Novel Approaches” to present his Improving Communications workshop. I want to recap the details:

• Date:Wednesday, March 28, 2004 • Time: 7:30 p.m. • Location: Books, Books, Books!, Paramus, NJ 07652

I understand from your message that you’ll promote the event through a press release and signs at the store. Please let me know if you need additional information from us to help with your promotions.

I’ll speak to you soon to go over the details.


Confirm all the details in writing including date, time, place, location, and length of meeting or event.
Thank the reader for helping you make, or agreeing to participate in, this event.
Spell out administrative details, what the remaining tasks are that need to be done, and who is responsible for each.
Tell the reader that if the agreement does not correctly reflect their understanding, they should contact you immediately.
Handy Phrases: Thank you for providing; I was pleased to receive; In confirmation of your participation; Am happy to confirm;Your place has been reserved;We will count on seeing you.