Reference letter

A reference letter for employment and a reference letter for college are ideally the same thing. The point behind a reference letter is to praise about someone’s educational skill or value to a company and praise them as a being. It’s kind of like an outside source writing someone’s sales letter for them.


Starting to Write


Address the individual who will be receiving the letter and reading it. Employers and college head hunters are far more inclined to read reference letters from professionals rather than employees and students.


Recommend the student or candidate and let the recipient know why they’re being recommended.


List any skills or experiences that are relevant to the position or requirements.


List any benefits you can think of pertaining to how this individual would be a great fit for their company or their organization.

Sample Letters

Reference letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Richstein,

I would like to highly recommend Harry for the executive head salesman position at Towering Industries for the level of skills that he possesses and what he can do for your company. Harry is a fierce salesman and fighter in the sales world. I’ve seen his skill many times on the sales floor and selling products.

He’s like a shark in a fish tank once he gets loose and I guarantee he can outsell any of the current employees you currently have working there. Just give him a 30 day trial and tell me if your sales don’t go up, you can hold my personally responsible.

We worked together on several projects and had several door to door trials through the neighborhood during business school to test out Harry’s salesmanship abilities.

  • He had the highest amount of sales in the class and no one could ever even come close.
  • He has a natural way of speaking with potential customers, clients and co-workers; everyone seems to like him instantly when he starts talking.
  • He’s one of the most reliable students I ever had.

Believe me when I say, I never write a reference letter for anyone, I’ve only done it for a few people in my entire life and Harry is one of the brightest students I had ever met. You’d be making a huge mistake for not giving him a chance.


Professor Goldmas