Fundraising letter

Asking people for money can be difficult but when it’s for a fundraiser, sometimes it’s a little easier. The sole purpose of a fundraiser is to raise money for a cause whether that cause is for your own company or for another company that is getting the money. A fundraising letter needs to be precise, to the point and not beat around the bush.

You’ve probably got adoption letters asking you to send money so you can sponsor some child in a country you have never been to before, asking you to sponsor a child that you will never meet for a small monthly fee.


Starting to Write


Bring attention to the reader immediately upon opening it. You need to grab the attention of the reader before you ask for money or else they’re more than likely going to close it without considering your request at all.

  1. What exactly is the goal of the charity and who is going to profit from it?

Exactly what you expect from the reader and how they can help with your cause.


List any instructions on how the reader can contribute to the cause.

Sample Letters

Fundraising letter Sample

Dear Caring Friend,

As you know, children overseas are subject to horrible living conditions, torture, malnourishment, starvation and death every single day. It’s a sad part of life, but a lot of children will not make it through this Holiday season if we stand and do nothing.

What can you do to help? A small $5 donation is all we ask in order to provide food and clothing to starving kids across the seas. This holiday season could be made by you. We understand that not everyone has spare change in this economy, but they don’t even have enough food to make it through another week, and many more will die today as you read this letter.

All children deserve to have a chance at life and that’s something you can give them. Most of the diseases over there can be prevented from simple protective wear such as wearing socks, shoes or clothing (which many of them don’t have access to).

You can be the difference this holiday season. If you want more information on how you can make a contribution, please let me know.


Tammy – Feed The Children