Formal Invitation Letter

For an event that has a high milestone or a lot of history behind it, a formal invitation letter is usually what’s sent out.

Sample Letters

Formal Invitation Letter Sample

Jessica Smith Roberts and Allen Smith

Invite you to

Join our open house

We will be celebrating our parents fifty years of happy and blissful marriage.

Susan and Robert Smith

Monday, March 19th, 2013

Will be from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Hosted at

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Smith

1928 Walecrest Avenue

Little Rock, Kansas

No presents or food is required, only the joy of having your presence there!

Anita Ross

Would like to request your company


The Grand Opening Celebration


Ross Gym And Spa

10 of October, 2013

The event should last from

3 PM to 6 PM

105 Whales St.

Columbus, Ohio

If you’re writing an invitation for a wedding, be sure to include the phrase “requests the honour of your presence” or “the pleasure of your company” as a general rule of thumb.
Sometimes things come up and you have to cancel an event such as a wedding. When this happens, you want to use the same format and style you used to send out the invitation.
Invitations to weddings and other formal events should always be sent out at least six weeks in advance (sometimes they’re several months).