First job application letter

Your first job application letter needs to stand out and it needs to strike some perspective of what your capabilities are as a potential employ. An applicant before sending an application letter needs to demonstrate that they have in fact done their homework on the potential employer and the qualifications that they’re looking for.


Starting to Write


Let the employer know that you noticed or heard about an opening in a field you’re knowledgeable or skilled in.


Talk about how you feel you would be a great fit for the position.


List any qualifications you feel are necessary to operate in the desired position.


Leave your contact details and enclose a copy of your resume and cover letter if applicable.

Sample Letters

First job application letter Sample

Dear Mr. Heiland,

I noticed you were opening a local technology firm here in Oakland and I had to write to you because I am a perfect fit for your company. Not only do I excel in any computer class that I used to take throughout High School but I have been an avid computer user and self-taught programmer since I was just 11 years old.

If you give me just 5 minutes of your time, I can show you the skillset I’ve obtained through self-teaching and what skills I can offer your company.

Some of my skills include:

  • Proficient in HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP Programming
  • Highly proficient in Perl/C++ Programming
  • ASP.Net beginner

I also ran my own online coding business with success but I would like a job that’s more stable and has guaranteed work hours.

Please give me a call sometime so we can discuss a sit down or an interview for your company.

Name: Robert Markson

Contact: 428-102-9387

You can check out my website at to see some samples of websites I’ve built and codes I’ve programmed.