Experienced manager cover letter

A cover letter is meant to serve a couple of different purposes: First, you want to ensure that you have the necessary skills and background experience for the job being applied to. Also, you want to explain why you’d like to work for the company being applied to.


Starting to Write


List any specific results that you have obtained in previous positions with other companies.


Explain how you will fit in the environment and be a good fit for the company. Just because you want to work there may often at times not be enough so you have to be persuasive.

Sample Letters

Sample experienced manager cover letter

Dear Mr. Roffle,

As the Executive Vice President to a Utah Graphics Company, I not only exceeded our sales goal of $500,000 but I grew the company so much, they had to expand into a different location. It saddens me that I can no longer work for them because I had to move to help support my wife on her new job transition.

I could list every single one of my achievements earned at previous sales and marketing related positions, but I’ll go over some of the highlights:

  • I helped expand a growing company far beyond their initial reach making over $1M in their second year when they had been used to $300,000 years.
  • I also helped cut 10% out of the total costs of the company and helped them save $10,000 a year.
  • I installed a new aggressive marketing system that dramatically grew business faster than we could keep up with it and had to go on a massive hiring spree to fulfill all of our client’s needs.

I have over 10 years of marketing and sales experience, and I’m one of the best there is to go around. I would love the opportunity to work with your company and manage your firm. You won’t be disappointed and I can do the same for you that I’ve done for every other company I’ve ever worked for. Please give me a call at 492-201-2018.