Event acknowledgement letter

An event acknowledgement letter simply states that someone has received an event invitation letter. Events come in different shapes and different forms from a wedding, to a graduation to even a birthday party. Sending an event acknowledgement letter is necessary to show that you plan on attending the event and they know how many people they’re going to have to serve at the event.


Starting to Write


Recognize the information you were given at hand for the invitation and let them know you received it. Whether you have regret or joy for the event, kindly let them know that you have in fact received the letter.


Not all events are happy and filled with joy; sometimes they’re sad but the sender still needs to know that the recipient is grateful for the service or invitation to a specific event. If the person is resigning, use terms such as “sorry to see you go”, or “it pains me to see a company lose such a valuable employee like yourself.”


End with an impression that will stick with the recipient and something that will warm their heart.

Sample Letters

Event acknowledgement letter Sample

Martha Riles

18290 Longview Avenue

Sometown, Virginia 123456

Riley Alfonzo

19223 Longview Avenue

Sometown, Virginia 123456

Dear Riley:

I hate to see such a valuable member of this community go but as life goes on; things undoubtedly come up that we can’t predict. You were one of the best and most active members we had on the neighborhood watch task force.

We can’t thank you enough for the years of dedication you’ve given to this block and this neighborhood as a whole. The streets were a safer place because of you and you will truly be missed as you move to a different state.


Martha Riles